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Airbus A340 CFM HD Sound Pack for FSX/P3D

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition logoThis addon is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It should also work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Some developers have explicitly stated compatibilty with Steam Edition but others haven't. Check the product description below for guaranteed compatibility. Just because it doesn't mention it, this does not mean it will not work with the Steam Edition.

Sound Pack Compatibility Note: This sound pack will work with any aircraft model, both freeware or payware in FSX and P3D.

Airbus A340 CFM HD Sound Pack for FSX/P3D
Media Format
Immediate Download
Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition and Prepar3D (all versions including v4)
File size
101.7 MB

Designed to make sure fans of the range of Airbus A340 aircraft out there can get the sounds they like, this Turbine Sound Studios package accurately develops and creates the most authentic and realistic process possible. Recorded in full HD format to really capture that sound and that depth, this package can be your perfect ally in making sure you are moving forward on the right track.

Now, you can make sure that when you fly you are no longer lost or unsure of what to do as this package will help you understand the diagnostic nature of what each sound means; every action has a sound, and this is captured so well in this detail.

The long-range, four-engine commercial jet airliner format makes it nice and easy to fly around in both FSX and P3D. The sounds are optimized and improved to ensure they are as realistic as they possibly can be whilst making sure you have no problems in capturing the right kind of audio and the correct level of expertise as you fly.

Built around the Airbus A340 design, this means you will have sounds which match up with this long-range, four-engine wide-body commercial passenger jet. This will give you a much better quality of presentation as the sounds now will match up with the model, giving you a true appreciation of the sound and volume of the four engines included on this package.

These massive, booming engines now have the sound profile to fit their volume and their importance within aviation and make it much easier to buy into the real story behind why this package is so incredibly and deeply important to those who like to fly around with this model of product.

Indeed, the whole thing is made so much easier thanks to the incredible range of changes that are brought to the table by this package. It makes it much simpler to distinguish the sounds of the CFM56-5C turbofan engines being used instead of it just sounding the same as any other aircraft in the simulator.

By doing this you can become a much better pilot along the way, engaging perfectly with the way that you fly as well as the way that you tend to manage yourself. It just takes a bit of time and dedication to make sure you can do this, but to get to this stage you have to be prepared to put in the time and the commitment to make it there in the first place.

The main changes in this package include sounds which now accurately reflect the immense power of this aircraft (139-151 kN capacity thrust) so that you can easily understand why it looks so impressive and why the sounds it now makes are so incredibly intimidating!

With this mod, then, you never need to fly “bare” again as you can truly enjoy the depth and detail of the original model whilst also getting the quality and range of sounds which are needed to do just that. 

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