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Based on the flight term Top Gun, you can now take the role as a dogfighting superhero as you undergo some of the most out there attacks and flights in the history of flight simulation mods.

This will have you taking part in a fight in the skies with other modern aircraft, making sure that you are involved in a range of different aircraft and situations along the way. Each mission is made to really test your mettle and make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

If you have always wanted to take part in a proper run of dogfights within the world of FSX, this might just be the perfect way to do that!

This mod really does let you go the full way, making sure that you undertake a massive range of scenarios and events which fit with the film itself. Top Gun is one of the all-time aviation classics, and this mod goes well out of its way to bring it all together and give you a perfectly clear and honest rendition of one of the best flight films ever released.

In this package, you get access to a whole host of different aircraft, missions and solutions. Indeed, the term Top Gun comes from the 1800s as a term for those who could draw their pistol fastest in a duel, or even for those who were shooting bottles fastest. Today, the term stands for anyone who is brave enough to get in the cockpit of an aircraft and survive the uber-demanding, high-risk world of a dogfight.

As pilots returned home from the disgraced Vietnam War, they started the Top Gun academy as a means of helping pilots become even well. Based in Miramar, California, this was used for many years as the base for people who wanted to become the vest out there.

What’s Included?

This mission set puts you in both the cockpit of an F4 Phantom and T14 Tomcat, putting you up against AI MiG jets in a battle that increasingly gets tougher as it goes on. You’ll even get to see little things going on below you such as the USS Constitution engaging in naval combat with pirate ships down below.

The Top Gun term might be very old, but the modern version is new!

Put yourself in the very peak of aviation combat and modern dogfighting with the help of this Top Gun Missions Pack for FSX. Some of the missions included in this package will really help you understand the immense challenges of combat flight, including missions such as;

Just Some of the Missions

  • Vietnam MiGs – In one of the missions you will be asked to take on three MiG 17s over the north of Vietnam. Easier said than done, we hear you say! Well, with this mod you will be expected to intercept a MiG which is attempting to break through and bomb your base. You’ll be expected to take out the MiG threat in double time to make sure that the base can stay unharmed, ready to attack.

  • WW1 Fights – Go back even further in time to the First World War, when the concept of dogfights changed forever. You’ll be taking part of a truly brutal dogfight as you are expected to join in as part of the RAF in a full on collision with the German forces. If you can get five kills before going down then you will be the winner – look out for one of your allies in the sky, too!

  • Top Gun School – One of the most beloved missions of the package, though, is the Bingo 6 training phase from the movie Top Gun. Here, you will be expected to take part of the Miramar Fightertown flight school, as you go after Chester and Tally 2 in an all-out battle. Using everything that you have learned as a pilot you need to shake them off of your six and get into an attacking position yourself. It’s a massive challenge and will test your agility as much as your prowess as a pilot so be sure to take this on!

  • Libyan MiGs – The MiG is your natural enemy with this aircraft and here you will be drafted over to Libya to win the battle this time. You are already in the Med, and you will be sent out to engage with the military forces of an oppressive dictator. Called in, you need to take out one MiG with the 20mm guns and two MiGs with your tone lock Sidewinder missiles. Easier said than done, though, as the carrier has to be protected from an incoming nuke bomber – do your job and make sure you stop this terrible event from ever occurring!

  • The USS Constitution – This map is a favorite with many as it allows you to see the USS Constitution engage in war below you as part of your battle with pirate ships off of the coast of Libya. In this mission, you are expected to come down and help the ship out – to fire the ships cannons manually, though, you simply need to press Shift + D. this can be very challenging but the mission allows you to take on something fresh and new from an FS point of view, making it more enjoyable than ever to get involved.

  • Vietnam Freeflight – This mission sees you take off with the nuclear arsenal attached. In this mission you have no real objectives – simply fly around, hitting Shift + D to drop your nukes and cause maximum damage. Try and avoid excessive fire with this free flight mod, though, as it will really reduce the level of performance that you get back! 

View the installation instructions manual here.

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5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I didn't expect that there would be s o many missions in just that one program. It was very easy to download to the Microsoft Games FSX soft ware. And it is an out standing program I am literally having a blast with. If I had three thumbs three would be up. Two will suffice.

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

I just received the top gun mission for fsx. IT IS VERY OLD. too bad. Things work Ok so far.

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