GWR Manor Class Add-on Pack for TS2016

GWR Manor Class Add-on Pack for TS2016

This Add-on Pack for the Download edition of Just Trains' GWR Manor Class add-on has been upgraded (10.7.14) and now includes: Read more...

Train Simulator 2016 & GWR Manor Class
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  • Highly authentic steam effects and particles.
  • Optional GWR-style steam chest with non-functional jockey/jigger valve operation, and legacy simple regulator control retained.
  • Realistic brake operation, requiring the use of the ejector or vacuum pump (when in motion only) to create a vacuum.
  • Synchronised regulator, reverser and cylinder cock operation between two or more GWR Manors and/or Just Trains 4MT Advanced locomotives in a single train.

This Add-on Pack typifies what the engines looked like in the GWR unlined livery from their manufacture in 1938 until British Railways took over in 1948, and the GWR models have the early style of lipped chimney. The included locomotives are:

  • 7800 Torquay Manor
  • 7802 Bradley Manor
  • 7805 Broome Manor
  • 7810 Draycott Manor
  • 7818 Granville Manor
  • 7822 Foxcote Manor

Before WWII the tenders carried the shirt button style emblem (7800) and after the war they carried the letters G-W-R in Gold (as per 7805). These three models can be used with either tender depending on the required period.

This pack is also designed to allow owners to create their own versions of the Manor as the models do not include names and numbers as part of the main mesh; these are added as 'child' objects that can be replaced. The inclusion of the BR Green and BR Black liveries from the GWR Manor Class package are included for this reason.

These distinctive and classic engines are supplied in a set of liveries and come with nine custom scenarios including a Free Roam and also includes tenders with both the early and the late style emblems.



7800 Torquay Manor, GWR Unlined Green, 3,500 gallon tender with GWR shirt button emblem

7800 was the first member of the class to be built. It entered traffic in January 1938 and was allocated to Banbury shed, and by 1954 it had moved to the northern section of the Western Region and operated out of Chester before moving to Oswestry at the end of its working life, Torquay Manor was one of the modified locomotives and had improved draughting tests carried out during 1954. It was withdrawn in August 1964 from Oswestry shed and scrapped at Cashmore's in Great Bridge.

7802 Bradley Manor, BR Lined Green, 3,500 gallon late emblem tender OR 4,000 gallon tender

7802 was another member of the class that entered service in the January 1938 batch and was mainly allocated to sheds in Mid-Wales throughout its working life. It was a regular performer on the Cambrian Coast line to Pwllheli and remained in service until virtually the end of Western Region steam operations when it was withdrawn from service in November 1965 whilst allocated to Shrewsbury shed. 7802 was then sent to Barry scrapyard in South Wales from where it was rescued by preservationists in 1979. After an extended period in storage and under repair the loco finally returned to service in 1993 and has operated on both preserved lines and the main line since, even returning to the Cambrian some 40 years after it last worked on the line!

7805 Broome Manor, GWR Unlined Green, 3,500 gallon tender with G-W-R lettering

Broome Manor was built in March 1938 and initially allocated to Banbury shed. It later had spells at Newton Abbot, Hereford and Cardiff Canton before finishing its days at Cardiff East Dock. It was withdrawn in December 1964 and dismantles at Cashmore's scrapyard in Great Bridge.

7810 Draycott Manor BR Lined Black Livery (compatible with 7822 tender)
7810 Draycott Manor BR Lined Green Livery and 3500gal tender with Early Lion Emblem
7810 Draycott Manor GWR Unlined Green Livery (compatible with 7800 & 7805 tender)

7810 was the first of the second batch of Manor Class locomotives when it was released from Swindon in December 1938. It was initially allocated to Banbury but had spells at Leamington Spa and Gloucester before an extended period at Oswestry shed. It was withdrawn in September 1964 and scrapped at Bird's in Swansea.

7818 Granville Manor, GWR Unlined Green, compatible with 7800 and 7805 tenders

7818 was the final Manor to enter traffic in January 1939 and was first allocated to Worcester. It then had spells at Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tyseley and Newton Abbot before moving to Machynlleth. It was withdrawn in January 1965 and scrapped at Cashmore's in Great Bridge.

7822 Foxcote Manor, BR Lined Black, 3,500 gallon early emblem tender

7822 was introduced to traffic in December 1950 and was based at Oswestry and Chester for its entire working life. It hauled the Royal Train in tandem with 7819 on 10 August 1963. 7822 was the last Manor in service when, along with 7829, it was taken out of traffic in December 1965, just 15 years after it was built. It was sold to Woodhams scrapyard in Barry and departed for Oswestry in 1974. It returned to service in 1999 and operated at various railways in the UK. Following an overhaul it returned to traffic in 2011 and operates regularly on the Llangollen Railway. 





This Add-on Pack uses the Just Trains Mk1 coaches supplied with GWR Manor Class in these liveries:

  • Brown and Cream - British Railways
  • Brown and Cream - Great Western Railway

Please note that the scenarios included with this GWR Manor Class Add-on Pack will only work on the assigned routes, some of which are not supplied with Train Simulator and will need to be purchased.

Somerset and Dorset route

JT Manor AP - Midsomer Tripper
Drive a GWR Manor on a couple of early morning trip workings around Midsomer Norton and Radstock in 1948.

JT Manor AP - Mixing It Up
Drive a GWR Manor on a mixed parcels/freight service from Evercreech down to Radstock. This service is running to provide extra goods to aid the war effort.

JT Manor AP - Pines Problems
There are huge problems at Bath! There are no locomotives to work the Pines Express down to Bournemouth - the only ones available are a couple of GWR Manors! You are tasked with taking this heavy holiday train from Bath Down to Templecombe.
JT Manor AP - School Special
The roads are all at a standstill due to snow and the regional manager has come to an arrangement with the local schools for their pupils to travel by train instead of bus. You have a heavy train and a difficult timetable to keep to - will you manage it?

JT Manor AP - Radstock Free Roam
Click on a train and take it for a drive.

Bristol to Exeter route

(Download and Boxed editions of the Bristol to Exeter route are available to purchase from the Just Trains website.)

JT Manor AP - End of an Era
This will be the final time you drive a GWR Manor on the main line. 7802 Bradley Manor is being withdrawn for an overhaul in a week's time and it won't be coming back on the main line. This is the last time the Great Western south of Bristol will see a Manor hauling a train, so make the most of it!

Bristol & Avonmouth route

(Download and Boxed editions of the Bristol & Avonmouth route are available to purchase from the Just Trains website.)

JT Manor AP - The Pembroke Coast Express
Drive 7802 Bradley Manor on the last leg of the 'Pembroke Coast Express'. You are in charge from Severn Tunnel Junction to Bristol Temple Meads.

London-Brighton route

JT Manor AP - Early Start
Drive a GWR Manor on an early morning empty stock movement from Three Bridges to Haywards Heath before running round and heading for Redhill.

Isle of Wight route

JT Manor AP - Ryde Railtourer
Drive a GWR Manor from Shanklin to Ryde Pier. First however you must travel light engine from Sandown to Shanklin.




Finely detailed external models

  • Front and rear working lights
  • Fully animated running gear
  • Cylinder cock piping
  • Sanders piping
  • Buffers
  • Couplings
  • Boiler side hand grab rails
  • Name plates
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Core plugs
  • Steps
  • Rivets
  • Cab access grab handles
  • Steam whistle
  • Tender rear steps
  • Tender water filling point
  • Animated coal level

Cab features

  • Roof vents
  • Pipe work
  • Gauges
  • Levers and controls
  • Driver and Fireman seats

Animated controls

  • Sanding lever
  • Cylinder cock lever
  • Blower lever
  • Live injector Steam
  • Exhaust injector Steam
  • Reverser
  • Regulator
  • Whistle operating chain
  • Brake operating lever
  • Small Ejector

Operating gauges

  • Brake vacuum
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Steam heating gauge
  • Reverser position indicator

Physics and effects

  • Custom Physics
  • Smoke and steam effects

Authentic sounds

  • Recorded from a real locomotive
  • Includes Blower Ejector effects


  • Train Simulator 2016
  • Just Trains GWR Manor Class package (Download)
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Windows 8 /7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 360MB hard drive space

This is an Add-on Pack for the Download edition of Just Trains GWR Manor Class add-on - this must be installed for this Add-on Pack to work.

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