For anyone looking to see the true power and effectiveness of aviation, they need to be able to understand the minor concepts involved with taking off in the first place. There is far more to making a flight than you would imagine if you aren’t used to it, and one of the most important factors is without a doubt being able to sue airborne radar. Read more...

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This takes time and patience, but with this excellent interactive training course you will have more hope than ever before about actually being able to pull it off!

It gives you the knowledge and expertise needed to use the airborne weather radar – and t takes you far beyond the basics of it. This will allow you to understand the key factors of using something so important in the flight, and also help you know how to make it count during the flight itself.

This is all about being able to make the right decision and to give you a nice little platform moving forward for becoming a better pilot. For anyone who is used to flight simulation and the demands it places on you, this is perfect!

Why Use Airborne-Radar?

  • For many pilots – both in real-life and in simulation – there has always been a distinct lack of quality weather and radar training. Despite being such key factors of a flight in determining its overall success and capacity, the actual training available to people is quite minimum. The mantra has always been far less strict than with cars, going with a “learn as you go” mentality. Obviously this isn’t the right way to go about learning how to fly a plane! With this package, you can put this kind of nonsense behind you and instead concentrate on getting a clear and thorough source of training that will prepare you much more readily

  • With the help of Airborne-Radar you will be able to pick up on all of the little things that are so apparent as a pilot, new or old. By using the training that you get from this you will be able to start flying with radar-equipped aircraft much easier than you have been able to in the past. Numerous accidents have been the result of a lack of weather radar training, and this will help you avoid just becoming another statistic along the way. Managing through thunderstorms takes excellent knowledge, after all!

  • The most important thing that you can learn during this, though, is the ability to use the radar when under pressure. We can also understand the idea and the theory but just how capable are you of putting it into practice, making yourself feel more confident, and actually understand the inner knowledge and workings required to fly an aircraft?

  • With a hands-on style that can benefit both veterans and novices, this is the perfect way for anyone to start learning about aviation properly and to get to grips with a prominent feature, equipped with full audio narration throughout

Who Benefits?

The best thing about this training program is that is made for literally anyone! However, here are just some of the groups that it is likely to help manage and prepare the most;

  • Professional pilots who are looking to get a greater grasp of the knowledge required to fly an aircraft properly and without making any mistakes out there

  • Pilots who are using radar equipped aircraft in their own business and who want to get a more detailed and advanced understanding on how it works and how it can actually benefit the passengers and the ease of the journey

  • Aviation students who are in the middle of their studies and want to do some extra curriculum learning that they can then use in the future when the time comes to learn about how to actually manage something as important as the radar inside the aircraft cockpit

  • Anyone who works within an airline dispatcher career path and wishes to understand everything that is going on in the skies for their colleagues and their partners alike

  • Avionics and maintenance experts who need a stronger understanding on how to fly an aircraft and how to manage them properly, making your life easier

  • Anyone who wants to fly with radar-equipped aircraft and get the most out of the experience by learning how to manage the weather more effectively

  • Simulation fans who wish to get more developed and start to understand just what is actually at stake when flying an aircraft in real life

Key Features

  • Online access once you have made the purchase so that you can get this used anywhere. On the go or on the train? Get a bit of education in there whilst you are traveling and make the whole experience a bit more enjoyable with this easy to use flight tutorial

  • Equipped with 26 brilliant training modules, you can get more than 3+ hours of training into your mind so that you never need to lose track or understanding of what you are doing again. This is hugely important to your overall development, and covers everything you possibly need to know

  • Over 260 instructional scenes inside with more than 50 interactive numbers included. This makes it really easy for you to get all of the detail that you need about what situations involved what kind of incident, and how you can manage these situations better with every passing time they occur

  • 50 random questions that show up in the Final Examination, giving you plenty of different questions to go through to see just how much you have learned. This will test you on everything to do with the 26 different modules so make sure that you are on-target and understand everything!

  • A printable PDF safety document that comes from the FAA and the NTSB themselves. This makes it easier to buy into the whole project and understand what you need to do when moving forward in the future. It totally transforms your understanding of safety and training when flying an aircraft

  • Full audio narration to help you stay on track and understand every little thing that is going on. It becomes a whole lot easier to manage and prepare for later on down the line, as you start to get used to all of the various features that you will cover

  • Made your purchase? Then you don’t need to with for a CD-ROM to be delivered or anything! You just hop straight in and start using this tutorial as soon as the download itself actually finishes. This will make your life so much easier to manage, ensuring that you get educated

  • Easy point and click navigation throughout that will make it very easy for you to understand where to go and what you are dealing with along the way. This simple control system means that you never need to miss out or avoid something else being activated later down the line

  • Colorful graphics that give you an idea of what a radar display is going to look like along the way. You’ll find it much easier to manage and prepare for in general, as well as helping you get to grips with the way that it works and what you’ll be seeing

  • 130 quiz questions to run through to help you master the questions that you might need to take on when you go for the final examination process! This is great fun, and helps you really take the bull by the horns and start to master flight simulation much better


  • A wide range of case studies about prior accidents that have occurred, helping you see just how easy it is to end up in difficulty

  • A huge range of information in the ‘Thunderstorm Fury’ section. This will help you manage dealing with thunderstorms and how they can be so challenging for a pilot. It will also help you get to grips with things like microbursts and downdrafts, improving everything about your performance in weather

  • The second module, Airborne Radar Theory, deals with a wide range of the principles that involved using a radar and why it’s an absolutely vital part of the development and growth of your flight credentials. It also helps you get used to things like reflectivity of precipitation, stabilization, taking control and Doppler capabilities. Along with many other features, this makes your life so much easier to manage and will help you understand many key aspects

  • Airborne radar technique, the third set, will help you get to grips with key notes about radar and dealing with pre-flight inspections and testing. Additionally, you’ll get to deal with pre-takeoff scanning, climb scanning, cruise scanning and much more to give you the full picture of what you’re actually doing

  • A final examination that pushes the limitations of your knowledge and your experience, as well as FAA and NTSB examinations to help you understand the full procedure from start to finish. This kind of delicate examination, after the learning, will be the perfect way to see what you’ve learned! 

Aviation Tutorials Company

About Aviation Tutorials Company

Aviation Tutorials Company LLC based in Wisconsin, USA have been developing and designing flight tutorials and aviation training software since 1995.

While we list their products on this flight simulator related store, their products are marketed to real-world trainee pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.  They can however still be beneficial for virtual aviators who follow simulation to the letter.

Their products cover a large range of flight training and aviation topics including radar, navigation and weather conditions.  Their staff include several real-world airline pilots along with designers in computer software and graphic design.

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