World & City Scenery Enhancement for FSX

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World & City Scenery Enhancement for FSX

Media format: Immediate Download
Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X
File size: 39 MB

Released from AFS-Design is a global scenery enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This will improve some textures and autogen scenery in your copy of FSX.

Weatherthemes, complex clouds- and sky structures, textures and autogenic

The AFS - World & City package contains a comprehensive package at new sky effects and textures, that the Flight Simulator comprehensively improve. Those are exchanged standard autogene textures with new revised textures and adapted to the respective world area.

The term " Texture" Mapping designates a procedure of the computer-generated graphic or 3D model. It serves for it to equip the surfaces of three-dimensional surface models with two-dimensional pictures - so-called „textures “- and surface properties. Textures let computer-generated pictures appear more highly detailed and more realistic, without the underlying model must be refined.

Weather themes, complex clouds- and sky structures for FSX

  • 3 AFS-weatherthemes for summer- and wintertime.
  • Simulation of a ideal weathercyclon
  • Treatment and exchange of exactly 73 autogenous sky textures
  • 256 new cloudskind with photo realistic clouds structures
  • Sunrise- and sunset effects
  • New sun effects for different seasons
  • New cumulus-, stratus- and cirrus clouds

Textures and autogenic for FSX

  • New object textures, like trees
  • Improvement of the standard landscape with revised land classes
  • New mirror effects of the water at day, dawn and night
  • Treatment and exchange of exactly 663 autogenous standard textures
  • All textures have 3 different altitude - sharpness raster
  • All textures are adjusted air photos

NEW: 111 new textures for FSX

  • New runway und taxiway ground textures
  • New autogenous airport textures e.g. check-in areas and hangers
  • New autogenous building textures e.g skyscraper or factories


  • AIRBUS A318 with different repaints

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This flight sim addon was first listed on SimShack on Friday 18 February, 2011.

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