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Lockheed C-130 Hercules Sound pack for FSX

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition logoThis addon is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It should also work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Some developers have explicitly stated compatibilty with Steam Edition but others haven't. Check the product description below for guaranteed compatibility. Just because it doesn't mention it, this does not mean it will not work with the Steam Edition.
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Sound pack for FSX
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The Lockeed C-130 “Hercules” is a massive transport aircraft used within the United States, as well as Royal Air Force militaries. With it’s unique, distinct sound, the C-130’s turboprops are immediately recognizable.

This historic aircraft, which began it’s deployment in the mid 1950’s, is still used in active service in the modern era. This sound pack is an accurate addition to FSX’s continuous strive for realism and the ultimate immersion experience.

Because of the C-130’s size, it requires four turboprop engines to haul anything from paratroopers, large vehicles such as tanks and jeeps, to aid care packages during humanitarian missions. These engines project a unique ensemble of sound, captured within this sound package.

Special care and detail has been given to nuance and accuracy, as well as fidelity and resolution. As a pilot of the C-130, you will be able to detect the slightest minutia based on the distinct drones generated by the four props. Mechanical sounds have not been overlooked, and have been recorded with equal accuracy and special attention. From the distinct sound of the engines during takeoff, to the carefully timed lowering of flaps during a final approach, the C-130’s mechanical personality will shine in all of it’s behemoth glory.

Utilizing the SoundPackager application (http://www.stardock.com/products/soundpackager/ ), installation is quick, simple and painless. Once downloaded, you will own the non-exclusive rights to the sounds within to be used for your purposes that do not include resale or repackaging for reselling.

With the C-130 Hercules sound pack, you will be immersed within an accurate aural environment. Enjoy the hum of each Allison T-56 Engine as you fly sorties over the vast FSX game world. Feel your stomach lurch as you hear an engine abruptly fail. Most importantly, know that you will be aurally surrounded by the realism and accuracy you have come to expect from FSX.

Manufacturers Description

Turboprop Simulations - Lockheed C-130 Hercules Sound Pack FSX

All engine sounds were recorded from actual C-130 versions with the Four-bladed Hamilton Standard propellers.

Realistic reverse thrust and high rpm taxi sounds have been added.

Realistic startup and shutdown sounds recorded from the Allison T-56 Engine

Sounds are sampled at 48000hz Mono 32bit.

Custom sounds for flaps, landing gear, overspeed and stall.

Exported to WAV PCM 16bit format for Flight Simulator X compatibility.

Sound package is compatible and tested with Captainsim's C-130 Base Pack on Flight Simulator X SP1-SP2

Sound package should be compatible and work with most Captainsim models and C-130 freeware on Flight Simulator X SP1-SP2

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