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Boeing 787 RR Trent-1000 HD Sound Pack for FSX/P3D

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Sound Pack Compatibility Note: This sound pack will work with any aircraft model, both freeware or payware in FSX and P3D.

Boeing 787 RR Trent-1000 HD Sound Pack for FSX/P3D
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition and Prepar3D (all versions including v4)
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Although many different kinds of aircraft engines exist in the modern world, very few sound the same or look the same. The sound, though, tends to be the main difference and for some of the biggest engine firms like Rolls-Royce, this can become a very important factor in their development of aviation engines.

For example, take the Rolls-Royce Trent range; many of these have been completed over the years and therefore numerous versions of it exist in different guises with numerous features included along the way. However, the RR-Trent 1000 is one of the most popular of the recent ranges.

Released in 2006, this engine became massively popular and has been used on both commercial flights and regional flights various times – it was used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft almost exclusively, and this made it a very interesting aircraft to fly thanks to the rather unique nature of the engines.

If you are interested in seeing how this works and pairs up together, you need to try this package out – this Turbine Sound Studios package is the absolutely perfect, HD recreation of the original engine in all of its glory capturing the sound perfectly and in a dynamic fashion.

Everything comes together here seamlessly, ensuring that you have the perfect solution just waiting for you;

  • The engine sounds both inside and outside have been made totally from scratch, using the real recordings of the aircraft and re-mastering each sound, placing it in full HD audio along the way exclusively

  • Gear sounds that let you know where the landing gear is so you don’t have any nasty surprises when you go to land the aircraft for the first time! Give yourself plenty of notice with the authentic side of the landing gear coming down on your Boeing 787

  • Cockpit environment sounds that are just perfect for creating the right noise and atmosphere – if you need help in understanding how to make the cockpit sound more realistic and to help give you a better idea of what your aircraft is doing, or indeed what it needs to fly safely, is included

  • Wind sounds that add another dimension to the overall nature of the flight – now, you will hear the wind battering against the side of the aircraft as you tear through the skies, making it sound more effective and dynamic than ever before and truly capturing the feeling and style of this kind of engine

  • Rolling and rumble sounds have been added to the cabin to give you an idea of just how powerful this aircraft is – the engines are immense in the power they build up so this makes it much easier to start flying the aircraft in the way that you had originally intended

  • 360 degree soundcones included in the FSX version for an even greater level of effect. This manages to get the soundcones put together perfectly and also makes sure that sound is travelling throughout, always moving and changing to fit the current narrative, and altering dynamically 

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