Airbus A319 HD CFM56-5B5 Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX/P3D

Airbus A319 HD CFM56-5B5 Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX/P3D5.0/5 1 reviews

Being able to get the full experience, for many flight simulation fans, means a lot more than just seeing the bare minimum. What we need to see when using either FS2004 or FSX is a fine balance between being able to have fun, and being able to see the scope of difficulty that comes with flying an aircraft. You will need to consider what you are doing quite seriously any time you start up flight simulator as not having the right knowledge about what is going on can be costly when it comes to managing a flight from start to finish. Read more...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition and Prepar3D (all versions including v4)
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Turbine Sound Studios
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Sound Pack Compatibility Note: This sound pack will work with any aircraft model, both freeware or payware in FSX and P3D.

The problem is that many of these issues come from the fact that both simulators just aren’t close enough to reality. Whilst everything improves with each release of a new flight simulator, what tends to impress the least is the fact that the quality of sound is usually not in balance with the quality of the actual aircraft designs. When flying an aircraft, you need to have access to the sound as well as the looks – and this fantastic modification package will give you access to what you need in abundance. Created by the excellent Turbine Sound Studios, this package delivers a comprehensive and detailed list of new HD sounds recorded exclusively for the Airbus A319.

Key Features

Benefiting from this is incredibly easy – installation takes a matter of minutes, and everything included has been modified and improved to fit both FSX and FS004 specifications, giving you total access.

More importantly, though, is the fact that the sounds that have been improved are quite fairly widespread. They are incredibly comfortable to use in terms of performance, and the excellent and unique variety matches up to the actual quality of the sound in the first place. The following sound has been improved;

  • Engine sounds coming from both internally and externally
  • The wind and the weather in general
  • Cockpit general atmosphere and environment
  • Gear sounds – both up and down

Callouts and warnings for various features have all been included, making sure that you hear everything that can possible hinder your flight including;

  • Overspeeding or stalling

  • Glideslope

  • Flight gear still enabled

  • Autopilot being disengaged

  • Splashing or crashing

  • All of this is designed to come out in the most effective and easy to hear 3D soundcones. This will easily help you get the sound that you need, helping it travel as it would in reality. This authentic touch is a nice addition to have to the overall package and makes a big difference in terms of helping you make things change and actually improve your flight education

  • Another specific feature made purely for this Airbus model, though, is the recreation of startup and shutdown noises for the aircraft when it gets started – although a small thing, it helps to blend in the environment far more readily and improves the entire experience massively

So, if you are looking for a way to get HD sounds to match those HD textures, give this a try! 

Turbine Sound Studios

About Turbine Sound Studios

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) are true masters in creating sound packs for flight sim aircraft add-ons.  Known in the industry for the finest cockpit and external sounds.  Founded by Christoffer Petersen and based in Denmark, they are true innovators in creating realistic flight sim cockpit sounds.

Their products are captured from the real-world aircraft counterparts using professional recording and editing techniques.

Their sound add-ons can be used on any aircraft model - both freeware or payware.  They have focused on FSX and Prepar3D over the years but we are sure they will begin to remaster their creations for the new 2020 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

View all products/add-ons by Turbine Sound Studios.

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NIce sounds, much better than the standard ones! Sounds like a real cockpit.

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