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Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A - FSX

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A - FSX

Media Format: CD-ROM
Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2

Fw-190A for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The Luftwaffe most deadly fighter is simulated to award winning detail and accuracy by Classic Hangars for Flight Simulator X .

The Formidable Foe

“These new fighters gave us a hard time of it... faster in a zoom climb than a 109, far more stable in a vertical dive and they turned better than the Messerschmitt so we had all our work cut out to shake them off. We all agreed it was superior to the 109F and completely outclassed our Spitfire Vs. It was not until some months later that our intelligence admitted the introduction of a completely new fighter, the redoubtable Focke-Wulf 190, designed by Kurth Tank.” – Group Captain, ‘Johnnie’ Johnson, RAF Fighter Ace, writing of his first encounter with the Fw-190 in 1941

This amazing package from the renowned ‘Classics Hangar’ development team, includes key variants of this incredible warbird – from early A-3 and A-4 models to the monster 2,200hp A-9. The final version of what many say was the finest piston aircraft to ever take to the skies.

Five highly detailed FSX-native interior and exterior models are included, featuring 21 historical exterior liveries in high resolution – supporting bloom, specular bump-mapping and self shadowing.

All are individually simulated to award-winning quality and re-create German micro-mechanics in remarkable detail. Classics Hanagar’s “1%” flight modelling data means you too can feel what it was like to fly one of the most feared aircraft in WWII – to a level not yet seen in flight simulation.

The Devil’s in the Detail

Models Included – A-3, A-4, A-5 and A-9: over 20 individual models flown by key German pilots from 1942 through to 1945. Each comes with detailed historical and technical information about the development of the many variants.

Individually modelled - each variant in this simulation has a unique 3D virtual cockpit with fully operable and working 3D instrumentation with German period micro-mechanics – all to a level not yet seen in Flight Simulator.

Flight Physics - each aircraft makes full use of Flight Simulator X’s advanced 6DoF aerodynamic equations, including accurately modelled coupled Moments of Inertia calculations, giving the virtual pilot that ‘really flying’ sensation.
Exterior modelling and textures - 5 highly detailed FSX-native exterior and interior models and twenty one historical exterior liveries in 2048 pixel high resolution textures support bloom, specular, bump mapping and self shadowing. Plus an option to use extremely detailed 4096 pixel interior textures, configurable using an external texture manager application.

Custom systems and damage modelling - you can fly with the realism of custom engine damage and aircraft systems modelling or use the “Just Fly” utility to just jump in and fly. Fly the early A-3 and A-4 fighters, make the transition to early blind flying and radio navigation with the sleek A-5, progress to the versatile A-8 and master the 2200 horse power A-9.

Working bombs, payload and the “brain box” – the custom flight models take account of the operable bomb and drop tank loadings. There’s even a working reflector gun sight. The Fw-190s unique ‘Kommandogerat’ (“brain box”) – a mechanical computer which automatically controls mixture, propeller pitch, boost and magneto timing – is modelled too!

System Requirements

Windows – Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor – 2.2 GHz Dual Core
Memory – 2 Gb RAM
Hard Drive – 920 Mb
Video Card – 256 Mb



“Occasionally a new product is so good that it becomes a reference standard in its own right... this is one of those products.” Avsim - GOLD STAR AWARD

“...this package is bristling with quality and neat features. The Virtual Cockpit is magnificent. The repaints are beautiful and authentic.” Sim-Outhouse Forums

Customer Reviews

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 - 06/28/2014

5 of 5 Stars!

Very high quality product, including pilots manual. The aircraft itself is characterized as being easy to fly, with well-working flaps; flaps like the Cessna 172’s I learned to fly in. Everything works, but I prefer to not install the ‘every last switch and dial’ product, preferring instead to fly already running. Good airplane for the beginner world war two fighter pilot. Fw’s roll axis is not treacherous, as is the N.A. P-51. Juiced to 1.0 for take off, mid-stick, she lifts at 150 kph. Gear up, climb at 200 for .2, turn 90 degrees and climb .2 more, then turn 90 degrees and reduce power to .75. 200 to 300 kph is good in the pattern. End of runway ¾ over your left shoulder, turn 90 degrees and drop gear and add first flaps. Runway made turn final but do not lose altitude. Roll and slip as necessary to watch center line as long as possible. Last look, last flaps, cut power, she 3-point lands sweet. If you hop like kangaroo, add a touch of power and let her rest, just like your instructor would have. Notice the flaps are instant, as compared to slow like N.A. P-51. Climbs are so simple. Set the manifold pressure to yellow line for ‘hurry-up power, and the propeller pitch is set automatically. At cruise altitude, reduce power to .85 and watch the tach reduce. Her quick roll rate is fabulous. She loops from level flight at 500 kph indicated, lower power to .9, steady mid stick and she cooperates so nice, topping over at less than 200, but over top is safe. Do Not Slow Below 200 kph At Low Altitude, and then turn. You will die.

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