Aerosoft PBY Catalina X for FSX

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Aerosoft PBY Catalina X for FSX
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The thrill of piloting a PBY Catalina can now be experienced from your personal computer. The historic American-made WWII flying boat was created to replace P2Y and the Martin P3M. Offering 11 different models of the Catalina to choose from, and PBY Catalina X delivers realism in each model.

PBY Catalina X also gives the sim-pilot the option of piloting models with tricycle landing gear, as found in the PBY-5A. PBY Catalina X gives the sim-pilot many options when it comes to model selection, as older models of the aircraft can be piloted as well as more modern versions.

With very few Catalina aircraft still flying today, PBY Catalina X offers an experience to the sim-pilot that is very unique. Specifications for the simulated aircraft are very close to reality as far as the weight of the aircraft, maximum speed, and climb rate.

With unquestionable realism, PBY Catalina X is an incredible program that offers antique aircraft enthusiasts the incredible experience of piloting several models of a very majestic aircraft.

Manufacturers Description

The PBY Catalina is without a doubt one of the most famous flying boats ever build. After its first flight in 1935 it quickly transformed into the PBY-5A amphibian model that is best known. Despite its strange shape that is rather organic it became a true work horse of many air forces and navies and kept patrolling the oceans for decades.

It had many roles, search and rescue, any shipping or anti submarine patrols or long range reconnaissance. To this day the Catalina is well known to millions and a guest of honor at many air shows.


Models, sound and flight behavior

  • 11 different models based on the PBY-5, PBY 5A and PBY-6A
  • Different flight behavior for all different models that are checked with all available data and by current Catalina pilots. Now this is said a lot for FS add-on aircraft, but one Catalina operator is actually using this product for simple training in the winter when most Catalina's are hangar queens.
  • Impressive and powerful sound set, you actually will be able to tune the engines using your ears.
  • Aerosoft Sound Module that adds sound to switches, controls and events. From hydraulic pumps to the sound of the engines problems, this creates a far more immersive environment.
  • Two different cockpits, one typical for the 1940s and 1950s and one as many Catalina's are flown today (with modern radio and GPS equipment).
  • Cowl flaps, floats and landing gear has better simulation of influence on drag by use of additional coding
  • More realistic water operation by use of additional coding.
  • Manual (400+ pages) in two parts, includes full actual operational manual of one of the few PBY-5A's flying at this moment.

Gauges and instruments

  • All instruments done in full 3d.
  • Highly realistic Bendix King radio stack (feel free to download the real manuals and use those!)
  • Highly realistic and complex Bendix King KLN-90B GPS receiver
  • Realistic simulation of the Sperry A-3A (Jack & Heinz) Autopilot for the vintage model.
  • The newly developed Interactive Checklist helps you to prevent problems by showing the correct settings with red or green checkmarks. It even includes sound effects and allows you to configure the aircraft for take-off or for a complete dead and cold setup.

Added realism (non standard FSX simulations)

  • Non standard and far more realistic calculations of engine temperatures, taking cowflap position, ambient air temperature, fuel/air mixtures setting, airspeed and engine heat generation into account.
  • Accurate electrical load and hydraulic pressures calculations.
  • Realistic cold engine startup, requiring use of engine primers and fuel boosters.
  • Realistic auto mixture that controls auto rich and auto lean.
  • Realistic carburettor icing that takes moisture and carburettor air temperature into account.
  • Structural icing that will accumulate ice on the structure, adding weight until the aircraft becomes unflyable.
  • Non standard engine failure module that includes sparkplug fouling, damage caused by excessive cylinder head or oil temperature, shock cooling and more.
  • Power reduction due to excessive carburettor air temperature.

Conclusion by Avsim:
"The download version sells for 28 Euros, the boxed version for 30. In US dollars, the price is about $33 for the download (presumably because non-EU customers don't have to pay VAT). If you don't mind slow -- and I'm referring to cruise speed, not frame rates -- this is a very attractive package. What sets it apart isn't any one feature -- other products have more detail, or more sophisticated engine modeling -- but the combination of features, performance, and price. It looks sharp, especially in the VC; it's smart about trading detail for frame rates; and it's affordable. Another AVSIM Gold Star for the crew at Aerosoft."

Excerpt from the review by fsBreak:
"There is simply nothing like starting up the engine in the Catalina X. It includes no electronics so starting and tuning the engines must be done by hand. You can find full instructions on their forums, and a video tutorial… Or you could also just choose the aircraft in an already on configuration, but that's no fun!"

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