Wilco Airbus A380 v2 for FSX & FS2004

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Wilco Airbus A380 v2 for FSX & FS2004
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004

TOULOUSE - April 27, 2005.

The newly constructed A380 is rolled out of its hangar for its maiden test flight.  Airport and Airbus staff have joined government officials and members of the public to see the flight off.

As Official Test Pilot, you will embark your A380 for a 60 minutes Maiden Flight.  After a (hopefully) successful take-off from Toulouse Blagnac, you will be asked to execute a smooth touch-and-go in Spain, over majestic Pyrenees mountains and 'hollywood-type' cinematics sequences. During the flight, ground engineers will ask you to perform in-flight tests over beautiful landscapes and the Atlantic ocean. Then, you will be directed to the factory home base so that the test sensor data can be offloaded.

This Flight Simulator X mission, supplied in different complexity levels, allow beginner and expert pilots alike to train through a step-by-step tutorial, from cold and dark cockpit to full kiss landing. The missions feature English voices and subtitles displayed in English, German or French.

Aircraft Features (for FSX)

  • Highly detailed replica of the Airbus A380
  • Flight Simulator X only : Jetways connection animations.
  • NEW : Three realism levels available: beginner, intermediate and expert. Beginner users won't have to read tons of documentation to fly, intermediate users will have more realism while enjoying some FS "shortcuts", while expert users will have to follow actual procedures.
  • Flight Simulator X Viewpoints : Gear, Wing, Belly, Cabin, ...
  • 3DSMax exterior/interior models with high resolution reflectives textures, dynamic shine, realistic night lighting,...
  • Numerous international liveries : Airbus livery - Air France - British Airways - China Southern Airlines - Emirates - Etihad Airways - Korean Air Lines - Lufthansa - Qantas Airways - Singapore Airlines - Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • Outstanding 3D Cabin : luxury First Class, economy class, sleeper cabins,...
  • Ultra realistic digital 'FLY-BY-WIRE' technology.
  • Real simulation from complete Cold & Dark cockpit to full auto landing.
  • Real cabin crew announcements !
  • Numerous sound effects
  • Flexible wings
  • Numerous animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, passengers door, cargo hatches, ...
  • Frame-rate friendly
  • Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own airline and share them on the net (Photoshop required).
  • McPhat textures

Panel Features (for FSX)

  • Glass cockpit with advanced digital avionics, CAT II and III landing certification.
  • 2D panel with multiple subpanels : overhead, pedestal,...
  • Interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit - Exactly as the real aircraft !
  • Traffic and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • Ability to save your flights including ALL FMC programmed parameters.
  • Day and night lighting.
  • Aircraft flyable from the Captain or First Officer's seat from the Virtual Cockpit.
  • Hotspots on the panel to ease access to 2D panels.
  • Pop up EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays, resizable and detachable for any additional monitor use.
  • Vector graphics displays (GDI+ technology) for nicer and smoother graphics.

EFIS Features (for FSX)

  • All the Airbus EFIS are available: Primary Flight Display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND), Engine/Warning Display (E/WD), System Display (SD), with all the system pages available
  • All the EFIS screens are developed with vector graphics technology that makes them detachable and resizable without any quality loss, and their brightness is adjustable.

Advanced Configuration Module (for FSX)

  • Integrated module accessible through the Flight Simulator pull-down menu
  • Available features:
    • User Experience: allows the user to select the realism level of the systems

Systems Features (for FSX)

  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) and caution messages.
  • Radio Management panel.
  • Realistic auto-brake system.
  • Inertial Reference System (IRS) - Fully working Navigational System
  • Fully featured Fly-by-Wire system
  • Fully featured autopilot system, with ALL the Airbus specific modes
  • Fully featured FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system
  • Alert system

FMS Features (for FSX)

  • The flight management system is composed of :
    • Basic features
    • Advanced features
    • SID/STAR management

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

 - 04/21/2013

4 of 5 Stars!

The Wilco A380 has some nice features like working ground power units ( which are invisible) and a working APU the 2d panel is ok but I do not like you have to open panel 1 and 2 to get the main cockpit and that you need to open the GPS from the 2d panel the virtual cockpit looks like someone just made the 2d panel in 3d form I also do not like that you can not start the engines from the vc and that the fmc is not accurate. The exterior modeling looks nice but is not very realistic same with the ba textures, however they totally forgot to put the gray on the Lufthansa. I really like the overall functionality of the 2d panel and the air hostess. The mission was really fun and cool to and I really loved the animations even though the voices sounded like google translate. The Manuel was really detailed but for some reason I could never put the plane in nab mode and the fmc would not work, the sounds are ok but not that good also i should mention that the cabin is a bit blocky but not as bad as the abacus one even this one has only one deck. The load and fuel managers are ok but not very realistic.

 - 10/29/2013

4 of 5 Stars!

I agree with the above reviews, why doesn't Wilco upgrade this product like they did the airbus vol 1 and vol 2 products?

This could be a very nice add-on, but Wilco really should consider the above mentioned and take another look at the FMC. The FMC on the real A380 does not look like the one they used in this product! They basically just modified the same gauge used in other products and called it a authentic A380 FMC!

 - 03/01/2009

4 of 5 Stars!

This A380 has prolems. The enignes cannot be started with the virtual cockpit only. It doesn't desinged to crash when over ratating. The sound system is horrible. Even I completely shut down the engines, it still sounds as the engines were started. There is no way I can switch off the warings at the vertual cockpit. This consumes lot of frame rate. The vertual cock pit is not very realistic compared to other planes in FSX.

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