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FSPS Xtreme Prepar3D Performance Booster

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FSPS Xtreme Prepar3D Performance Booster
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It's always a pain to not be able to run your simulator with all the sliders set to maximum, but some computers just can't handle it. Even high-end computers can struggle at times, suffering from the same bad frame rates and slow down that those with lower-end computers have to suffer through. Fortunately, Flight Simulator Platform Solutions has created a fantastic piece of software that remedies this, Xtreme Prepar3D Performance Booster, and it can be used on all types of computers.

It's not uncommon for people to try and fix some issues themselves, or try some tweak or other to get a bit more performance out of their system. The trouble with this is that, what one person posts on a forum as a solution, is only a solution for their system. In fact, it might make someone else's P3D run slower or make it more unstable and multiple 'fixes', can compound the issue further.

The great thing about Xtreme is that it performs a very thorough analysis of your system, scanning everything from your CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk speed and more. This means that it can calculate exactly what tweaks need to be made and how various lines of code should be altered, and then it does it all for you. You can be more involved with the process if you want, but the automatic option is there to accommodate those who are less comfortable with this sort of thing.

You can also utilize this software to manage other external programs that you might be using in conjunction with P3D, such as Active Sky. Normally, a program like Active Sky would be taking up a lot of CPU power and taking it away from P3D. But if you run it through Xtreme, it will make sure that your simulator always has dedicated power by pushing other programs onto idle cores of your CPU.

Xtreme then, offers a completely unique overhaul, that will instantly improve your computers performance and how well it handles P3D. You are free to enjoy increased frame rates and LOD radius, better management of high resolution textures and the smoothest running P3D achievable on your personal system. Even people who already have a powerful computer, can still see improvements after using the Xtreme Performance Booster.

Manufacturers Description

Increase the performance of your Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulation package with this unique utility.  This utility tunes your Prepar3D configuration depending on your system specifications, so each tweak is unique to each machine it's run on.  Previously released for FSX, this tool from FSPS has become one of the best sellers on the store, along with many users reviews boasting it's effectiveness.

Xtreme P3D Booster has been designed keeping in mind the thousands of possible hardware configurations. The special software analyzes your computer hardware in depth (CPU, GPU, memory, hard disc speed and etc.) and sets a number of documented and undocumented tweaks to the correct values that is optimal for your PC.

No technical knowledge is needed. Just execute Xtreme P3D Booster, then Prepar3D and enjoy it with the maximum frames and smoothness you can get from your PC without changing any of your Prepar3D sliders.

While some tweaks have been posted at many forums, many of them can not work for anyone. Tweaks are values that configure Prepar3D internal code options. So, if you just copy a tweak with the value, Prepar3D will slow down or became unstable if this value is not suitable for your PC. Of course, many tweaks are tide together, so, if one tweak value is ok and the other is not, then the result will be the same. There are almost 10 important tweaks that needs to be calculated exactly and all of them need a lot of calculations. So, the maximum calculations can be millions. That’s why we are using computers and software’s. Computers do those calculations for us in just some milliseconds and not days, months, years. This is what Xtreme P3D Booster can do for your Prepar3D. Give the maximum from Prepar3D code.

So, at every execution, Xtreme P3D Booster while reading all of your current hardware will do special calculations about the tweaks that need to apply for your Prepar3D.

Also, most of the Simmers, except Prepar3D use also external programs/utilities like Active sky and etc. Any of those programs consumes a lot of CPU power that Prepar3D needs. Setting those kind of add-ons inside Xtreme P3D Booster, will handle them in a special way. Those programs will always try to find idle core or cores of your CPU will they are running without affecting the cores that works for Prepar3D. So, Prepar3D will always be the program with the most dedicated CPU Power.

Xtreme P3D Booster, is a complete solution for starters and "Xtreme" simmers.

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