Sky & Cloud Package for FSX/FS2004

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Sky & Cloud Package for FSX/FS2004
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004
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Just released from AFS-Design is their Sky & Cloud enhancement package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004.  This package adds new types of clouds and improves existing clouds and generally makes the weather environment much more realistic.

AFS-design brings out the new scenery package "Sky & Cloud" for the MS Flight Simulator.

Completely new types of clouds:

  • cumulus clouds
  • stratus clouds
  • nimbus clouds
  • cirrus- clouds


  • cumulus nimbus clouds (thunderclouds)

New sky structures:

  • Autogenous sky textures with sun sheen
  • Sunrise and sunset effects
  • Sun effects for different seasons

New weather topics:

  • AFS weather issues for the summer and winter time
  • Simulation of ideal weather cyclones
  • Simulation of stratus

The Sky & Cloud package contains a comprehensive package of new clouds and sky effects that improve the Flight Simulator comprehensively. By using the program Microsoft SDK weather theme it is possible to present new issues of complex weather clouds amd air circulations. As result the Flight Simulator appears much more detailed and realistic.


Airbus A340-600

Designed the Airbus A340-600 was a replacement for the 747th Boeing four-engine airliner flies 380 passengers in a three-class cabin layout (419 in 2 class) over 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km). It offers similar capacity for passenger services as a 747, but with 25% more cargo volume, and at lower trip and seat costs. The A340-600 is more than 10 m longer than the A340 -300, more than four meters longer than the Boeing 747-400 and 2.3 meters longer than the A380. It holds the record for the longest passenger aircraft in the world until February 2010 with the first flight of the Boeing 747-8

You can download the manual for this product here.

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