Beech 18 for FSX

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Beech 18 for FSX
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The Beechcraft Model 18 or Twin Beech, as it is better known, and is a 6 to 11 passenger aircraft. Twin engine, low wing, conventional-gear aircraft that was manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas. This Model saw military service during World War 2 in a number of version including the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) C-45 Expeditor, AT-7 Navigator, AT-11 Kansan; and for the United Sates Navy(USN), UC-45J Navigator and the SNB-1 Kansan. In addition to carrying passengers the aircraft uses have included aerial spraying, sterile insect release, fish seeding, dry ice cloud seeding, aerial firefighting, airborne mail pick up and drop, ambulance service, numerous movie productions, skydiving, freight, weapon-and drug-smuggling, engine test bed, skywriting and banner towing. Many are now in private hands. Become a private owner of this amazing historical aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and prepar3D. You will own a 1980's upgraded Beech 18D model and an original C-45 model. Developed with help of a mechanic who worked on this specific C-45 model you can expect high accuracy and a excellent flight dynamics.


  • Real world high quality 3D gauges
  • Bones animation
  • custom control panel
  • High quality textures (Bump / World Reflections / Skin Mesh)
  • Over 150 custom xml gauges
  • Flysimware's virtual cockpit sound module adds over 15 bonus sounds
  • Speed controlled sounds for windows, doors and heater vents
  • 3 paint themes, 2 high quality models
  • Dual analog clock (Tracks flight time)
  • Transponder squawk codes to Vatsim and Gamespy
  • Retractable left & right landing light
  • Over stress sounds
  • Dummy primer system
  • GPS (GNS530)
  • Transponder (GTX330)
  • HSI (NSD360A)

ANIMATION: Part(s) / Visible in model(s)

  • Yoke & Linkage / VC - Exterior
  • Pedals & Linkage / VC - Exterior
  • Pilots / NO - Exterior
  • Doors / VC - Exterior
  • Switches, Levers and Gauges / VC - Exterior
  • Bonus Animation / VC - Exterior


  • Default Grumman_Goose_G21A Sounds
  • Bonus custom sound module includes over 25 bonus sounds


  • 8-11 seater - Beech 18 (Chrome)
  • 8-11 seater - Beech 18
  • 8-11 seater - Military C-45


  • Camo - N70GA
  • Blue / White - N513WS
  • Chrome - N846HP

You can also get a stunning expansion for this product which transforms it into a stunning Beechcraft AT-11 for military operations.  More information and purchase here.

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This flight sim addon was first listed on SimShack on Wednesday 14 November, 2012.

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