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Airport Control Tower

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Airport Control Tower
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Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8
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Created by First Class Simulations, Airport Control Tower is a unique experience tailored for Windows operating systems, from XP (SP3) to Windows 8 and available as an immediate download. This title allows you to experience what it's like be an Air Traffic Controller at a busy International Airport, and all the challenges that go with it.

It's a high pressure role, for sure. It will be your job to coordinate air traffic both on the ground and in the air, and organizing dozens of aircraft is no easy feat. Planes will be waiting for your instructions and guidance to lead them to the runway, and successfully off the ground on time. The included action camera let's you see the aircraft as they take-off and it gives you a great sense of satisfaction, reinforcing that you're doing your job well.

Taking care of things on the ground is only half the battle. You'll also need to monitor the arrival of incoming aircraft, guiding them with heading and altitude instructions, making sure that the air is clear and they have space to land. Using the tools available to you, such as the ground and air radar, is very useful, and almost necessary in creating a smooth flow of incoming and outgoing aircraft.

Progression is achieved by earning points, which are awarded for keeping everything running smoothly, and consistently getting planes on and off the ground safely. If you can manage to decrease waiting times, you know you're doing something right.

As you progress through to different airports, they difficulty level will scale up to offer you more challenging scenarios. If you beat them all, why not head on over to the included airfield editor, where you can create and share scenarios with other players, or download theirs to expand your gameplay experience. 

Manufacturers Description

Experience the life of an air traffic controller in a busy international airport! You’ll need to organise dozens of aircraft making sure that they land and take off safely. Different airports add new challenges which increase the difficulty!

As you accept the prestigious position of air traffic controller, you’ll soon realise the great responsibility that you have been entrusted with. As planes wait for your orders you’ll need to carefully direct them to the runway making sure that these incredible machines take off safely and on time. 

As you try to maintain control on the ground, you’ll also need to supervise the arrival of incoming aircraft. Issue heading and altitude instructions to the pilots so that they can arrive punctually whilst ensuring that there is clear air between aircraft. 

Points are awarded for keeping the airport consistently moving forward and decreasing waiting times! Having proven yourself in the airfields provided you may want to take on the airfield editor and create your own airport!


  • Coordinate air traffic at a major international airport. 
  • Use tools such as ground and air radar. 
  • Action cam lets you see the aircraft take off! 
  • An increasing difficulty level – can you handle the pressure! 
  • Editor to create your own scenarios and airports, which can be exchanged with other players.

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