Airbus A330-200 (Airtours) DVD Video

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Airbus A330-200 (Airtours) DVD Video

This DVD contains 139 minutes of exciting video from in the cockpit of an Airbus A330-200 as it flies from Manchester England to Sanford Airport in Orlando, Florida. This video features excellent quality stereo audio and crystal clear digital video filmed from at least 6 different cameras so you can experience the marvel of flying this plane as if you were really on it.

You will experience every part of the journey, beginning with the mechanical checks and contact with the tower, then taxiing to the runway, then takeoff. Once you are in the air you will be led on an exclusive tour by the plane's crew, learning all about the different instruments, controls, gauges and systems the plane uses. Captain Julian Bond, an experienced military and commercial pilot and captain, will talk to you during your flight about a range of topics including the Airbus A330-200 you are on and how it is unique from other planes such as the Airbus A320. He will also explain the functions of the Navigational Display, Flight Control Unit, Flight Management and Guidance Computer, the Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring system and more.

On top of just listening, you will also get to watch him in action as he talks to air traffic control, uses the systems he talks about and manages the aircraft. Your trip will come to an exciting close during landing as Captain Bond skillfully maneuvers the plane to touchdown.

You will see shots from five different cameras all in one view as the plane touches the tarmac at Sanford. Once you land and taxi of the runway, the Captain will give you a debriefing covering information including flight duration and fuel consumption.

Once finished, you will have experienced an amazing trip across the Atlantic ocean right along side the pilot in the technological wonder that is an Airbus A330-200.

Manufacturers Description

Join Airtours on a flight from Manchester International Airport to Sanford, Orlando International Airport, USA.

Running time: 139 minutes
DVD features 138 chapter points

DVD – All regions, PAL

Join the flight crew in the high-tech cockpit of an Airtours Airbus A330-200 and see just what it is like to ‘fly by wire’ one of the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft, as it makes its transcontinental flight from Manchester in the UK to Orlando’s Sanford International airport in the USA.

Whether you’re a budding airline pilot or back seat passenger curious to know what goes on during the flight, this is an amazing and unique airliner experience that is not to be missed!

Your exclusive behind-the-scenes journey starts at Manchester’s International Airport as the aircraft awaits departure on stand 27. Taking off from runway 24R and with the call sign Kestrel 029, you’ll climb outbound for the Atlantic – seeing and hearing everything that happens from check-lists, crew briefings and communication with Air Traffic Control until your arrival and shut-down.

The experienced aircrew will give you a guided tour of the Airbus’ flight deck as you establish in the cruise at 35,000 feet. Amongst the many systems explained are the electronic management and glass cockpit systems such as EFIS, FMGS, MCDU and the overhead panel. The Captain will also explain some of the differences between the A330-200 and the Airbus A320.

Naturally there’s more than the ‘office’ to look at and you’ll see views of departure, in flight and approach and landing with multiple camera angles both from the cockpit and outside.

This is a Plantinum Collection Title!
Each Platinum Collection program offers the following exciting features:

Digital Stereo Audio - Experience stereo audio of the highest quality. All the audio for the Platinum Collection programmes is recorded using the latest digital audio recorders to bring you crystal clear audio enjoyment.

Digital Video - The Platinum Collection range of programmes are all shot on digital video tape to ensure the highest quality pictures available. ITVV have always been at the forefront of modern technology to bring you the very best in quality aviation viewing.

Digital Editing - The Platinum Collection are all edited "in-house" using ITVV’s own digital edit facilities, like-minded aviation enthusiasts and professionals which brings the added advantage of been able to take time to ensure you get to see what is of real interest and on DVD jump right to the part you want instantly!

Multi-Camera Shoot – Every programme in this range has been recorded using a minimum of six, full broadcast, digital cameras to ensure the very best in viewing. By utilising so many cameras we are able to bring you the variety of shoots that you would expect from an ITVV programme - the next best thing to being there!

Air Traffic Control - Listen into the air traffic control at the most important phases of our flights - again using digital audio you can hear the actual audio that the pilots themselves hear.

Join the flightdeck crew - By bringing you this wide variety of pictures along with stereo audio you will feel as though you are actually a part of the flightdeck crew! Witness the tension as the aircraft is rolling down the runway or on the approach into land.

About the Aircrew

Captain Julian Bond joined Airtours International in 1991 when it was formed with 5 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft and now has over 14000 flying hours. Julian started flying in 1965 when he joined the Royal Navy after university and entered the Fleet Air Arm.

After training on the Jet Provost and Hawker Hunter, he qualified as a strike pilot on the Buccaneer S MK1 and the S MK2, which he operated from the Aircraft Carriers HMS Eagle and Ark Royal.

During his service career he qualified as a CFS A2 Flying Instructor and instructed on types as diverse as the Chipmunk, Hunter, Sea Devon, Sea Heron and of course the Buccaneer. His last tour was on the Buccaneer Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Honington where he was also the last Navy Buccaneer display pilot during the 1977 season.

On leaving the Royal Navy, he joined Dan Air and flew the Boeing 727 and BAC 1-11 before moving to Airtours. Julian was a Line Training Captain and then a Type Rating Examiner on the MD83 and in 1995 became the Chief Training Captain when Airtours rolled the shorthaul fleet over to the Airbus A320-200.

About the Airline

In 1991 Airtours International began commercial flying with just 5 aircraft. Today, it is recognised as one of the leading leisure airlines.

The flagship of the airline is the Airbus A330-200. It is the very latest aircraft from Airbus ¬ Airtours' first two A330's came into service in June and July 1999 and are serving long haul destinations such as Florida and the Caribbean.

Flying both the A320/A321 and the A330 is actually termed 'mixed fleet flying' and Airtours International was the first airline in the UK to practise it. The only real difference in the handling of the aircraft is on the ground, due to its larger size.

Initially the company operated both the IAE V2500 and CFM 56 powered versions before standardising on the IAE Engine. The Company now also operates the CFM powered A321-200 and also the Airbus A330-200 long range aircraft which are all flown by the Airbus Fleet pilots under Mixed Fleet Flying Rules.

One key reason for choosing the A330 was that it offered the ultimate in-flight experience for passengers combined with cost-effectiveness. The A330 has one of the lowest running costs of any commercial airliner yet built. Another benefit of the A330 is that the cabin environment is much quieter during flight than on other aircraft ¬ background engine noise has been reduced to a minimum.

Airtours International has the first A330's in the world to feature downstairs toilets. Five of the seven on board are situated on a downstairs deck, accessed via a stairway at the centre of the aircraft. Putting these toilets downstairs makes the main cabin a more pleasant environment.

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