Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2 AI Traffic Add-On for FSX

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Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2 AI Traffic Add-On for FSX

Media Format: DVD-ROM
Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Now released from Flight1 is the latest and greatest AI Traffic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This is one of the best their is for FSX.

One of Flight Simulator’s best selling expansions returns, providing the ultimate AI-traffic upgrade for Flight Simulator X.

  • Still the ONLY program to give traffic based on ACTUAL airline schedules – that’s over half a million realistic flights and a million+ more GA flights too
  • Uses an all-new external engine that routes traffic to realistic flight plans, with less congestion and better traffic flow in FSX
  • Select any flight from any airline and then fly the route yourself with flight plans for every airline flight exportable to FSX!

Ultimate Traffic 2 is now boarding

It’s been a long time coming, in fact over three years of development, but we think it’s been worth the wait.

Re-designed from the ground up, Ultimate Traffic 2 provides Microsoft Flight Simulator X users the definitive AI-traffic upgrade, and still is the only package out there that provides computer traffic based on real airlines, flying on real schedules and now using realistic routings too!

There are over 1 million flight hours of commercial traffic and a further 2.5 million flight hours of general aviation flights– with vast flexibility and customisation on what you see and where. The all-new DX10 aircraft models give unparalleled frame-rates compared to other packages and you can even select a flight from the departure board and fly it yourself if you want!

So now you don’t just have to watch out for traffic, you can BE the traffic!


550,000+ Real-Time Scheduled Flights - Ultimate Traffic 2 will provide users over 550,000+ scheduled flights based on real airline timetables. These schedules include International, National, Regional, Commuter and even Air Cargo operators. The flight schedules touch every corner of Flight Simulator X world.

1,300,000+ General Aviation Flights - Besides commercial schedule flights, Ultimate Traffic 2 will provide users over 1.3 million general aviation flights. These flights fly between 6400 airports and log over 2.5 million flight hours each week.

100's of Airlines Worldwide - All that traffic buzzing around the sky wouldn't be right if you did not support the airlines that fly these scheduled routes. Ultimate Traffic 2 contains over 1600 aircraft repaints of various worldwide air carriers, both big and small. The package contains over 90 aircraft types to provide users with a wide variety of aircraft scenery that adds a unique feel that is only second to you being outside a real airport fence.

6000+ Airports with Traffic - Ultimate Traffic 2 provides users with AI traffic for over 6,000 airports. The end result is an active airport environment, whether you are shooting approaches on 28L at San Francisco International, or flying a virtual load of food supplies to the upper reaches of Alaska.

Fully Featured Interface - The Ultimate Traffic 2 interface contains a rivet busting, cornucopia of options that cannot be found anywhere else. The interface was made to handle the needs of both novice users and power users by providing a whole host of options and features.

Add-On Schedules - Create and manage custom add-on schedules for Ultimate Traffic 2. Complete virtual airline schedules can be created using Ultimate Traffic's proprietary tools allowing Ultimate Traffic 2 to display these flights in FSX.

Airline / Airport Printable Timetables - Ultimate Traffic 2 also provides users the ability to organize and print timetables for any airline in the Ultimate Traffic 2 world. UT2 has the ability to print airport-specific timetables of the AI traffic that are included in the package. These printouts are designed to resemble the timetables that you can find at your local airport, for your favorite airline.

Flight Plan Assignments - Each airline flight in Ultimate Traffic 2 uses a flight plan to navigate from the departure airport to its destination airport. These flight plans can also be customized. Assign any FSX style flight plan to a flight using this feature.

Flight View Map - Create map views of anywhere on the planet and view all traffic currently flying at that location. Unique filters allow from all to very specific traffic to be displayed. Simulation rate can be changed as well.

Status Board - View a live status board for any airport that handles commercial traffic in Ultimate Traffic 2. View departure and arrival boards for a unique look at traffic at the airport.

Aircraft Tail Numbers / Parking Codes - Each airline can have its own rule for generating a tail number. UT2 uses these rules to generate random tail numbers for each flight in the database. Users can also manage and assign parking codes to any FSX aircraft.


"This is a great product, designed from the ground up with FSX specific models and features, most aircraft feature moving flaps and reversers. The models take advantage of DX10 and as such, being designed with the FSX SDK they eclipse FS9 ported AI. With the range of tools provided and options to change the flight plans of aircraft, it makes a powerful program to manage and adjust your AI. It fills your airports with realistic traffic that follows the latest schedules and assignments. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a great AI traffic system that is fully customizable to suit your needs..." - Avsim

Customer Reviews

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 - 05/11/2014

5 of 5 Stars!

With new 2014 schedule available also you will be glad of this product purchase, i use this with Traffic X with the 360 upgrade, there are lots of free uprades you can use with this product, I live in scotland and like the traffic to be as close to the airports close to home , an easy program to use and understand ,so it isn`t all that hard for you to have your traffic too the way you want it to be. Definately a must have for the beginner / advanced FSX user.

 - 03/16/2013

5 of 5 Stars!


My flight simulator world has literally come alive.

There are so many realistic-looking aircraft from so many recognizable airlines all over the place. When I am on the ground, I really find myself looking around and appreciating the great variety of sizes, types, etc. around me. They have moving parts and are themselves moving believably. For the first time, I truly feel myself to be in a really inhabited world.

I enjoy the ability to quite easily adjust/modify some of the data and especially the possibility of removing some or all of the traffic with little effort. Sometimes, when learning and polishing my flight skills, the sky does indeed get too crowded, so I need to empty things out a bit. I can do this easily.

Further, when I get near cities with high-density or photo-realistic terrain, I often have to turn down a few sliders to get better frame rates, but I have never had any noticeable problems with this program per say as an extra thing. When I turn down other sliders and even traffic in FSX, that is enough. Concerning FPS, I donít have to worry about UT2.

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