Aerosoft VFR Germany 2: North Scenery Add-On for FSX

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Aerosoft VFR Germany 2: North Scenery Add-On for FSX
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Are you looking for a detailed, virtually accurate flight simulator for northern Germany? Aerosoft’s VFR Germany 2: North provides just that. This software renders air to ground shots of Northern Germany and its facilities in crystal clear 1m/px imagery. That’s over 90,000 square kilometers of area for you to explore! It provides the virtual pilot with stunning shots of almost all of Germany’s geographical features; lakes, rivers, and mountains render as if the pilot were actually flying over them!

As you fly through cities and towns with large buildings you will not just see generic, blocky looking buildings. This software replaces the obsolete automatic building generation technology with millions of more authentic looking, precisely placed German style buildings. The software also included the locations of critical visual flight rules (VFR) reference points, such as transmission towers, factories, control towers and others.

Along with these beautiful features, this new software adjusts air fields so that when it comes time to land, you won't have to deal with that pesky lag usually associated with landing.

The software renders images of the air field to suite the eye as you land. Additional gliders and ultralight airfields come pre-bundled with your software! If for any reason you are having trouble figuring out this innovative software, an extensive manual is included to help resolve any issues you may have.

Aerosoft’s VFR Germant 2 is sure not to disappoint. Enjoy the same piece of software that thousands are raving about and get your copy today!

Manufacturers Description

Since the first version of FS, simpilots dreamed about having large areas covered with high detail aerial images and having all buildings placed in the correct location. Well now we can show you that we got very close to that. Using totally new technology combining several databases this scenery offers the best representation of the terrain possible in FSX. No matter of you fly as low as 1000ft or at FL35!

This scenery series will impress you like no other before: The second part (North) brings you thousands of VFR objects and millions (yes, millions!) of exactly placed buildings placed on 90,000km² of aerial images!


  • 90,000km² of aerial images at a stunning resolution of 1m/pix
  • Almost all lakes, rivers etc. with water masks (reflecting and landable for floaters)
  • Thousands of important VFR reference points like transmission towers, factories and much more
  • New custom-made autogen replacing the default autogen buildings with typical German looking buildings
  • Autogen buildings placed at their exact locations using a database of more than several Million (!) objects!
  • Airport runways adjusted to the aerial images
  • Additional glider and ultralight airfields, which were not included in FSX yet
  • Extensive manual in English and German
  • VFR map for the whole area


"Quite simply put, I haven't had a lot of experience with photoreal add-on; they just aren't my style. However, Aerosoft's VFR Germany North has given me a better opinion of this type of add-on, and I think you will find this scenery ranking among the best photoreal add-on you have. There are some faults to the package, but none impacted me greatly. Germany is a beautiful region, and Aerosoft portrayed both the human element of building, architecture and the like, with the sheer beauty of nature. I got a lot of pleasure flying this area and I think you will too." - Conclusion by FlightSim

"The VFR Germany series of scenery enhancements is by far the most remarkable and innovative scenery add-on I have yet reviewed from any vendor. I cannot fully express my satisfaction with what Aerosoft is doing. Always a step ahead of the crowd, they have managed to develop photo realistic aerial imagery with objects and autogen placed to near precision. If only it were not so expensive for them to get the data they need, then this would surely be the way to go for flight simulation for the entire FS world." - Conclusion by Avsim

Recommended Requirements

Flight Simulator X + Service Pack 2
Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
3 GHz processor (Duo2 Core Intel recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB graphic card (512 MB recommended)
DVD-ROM drive for the Box/CD-Version
Sound card
File system: NTFS
Installation-Size: 15 GB

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