FDC Live Cockpit 2011 for FSX & FS2004

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FDC Live Cockpit 2011 for FSX & FS2004

Media format: CD-ROM
Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004

This exciting, feature packed add-on enhances the virtual world for every aircraft now even in Microsoft Flight Simulator X! This FSX add-on is also compatible with the previous version FS 2004. Listen to complex ambience and to the dialogues of working pilots!

FDC Live Cockpit! brings the PC Pilots flight deck to life with full crew audio enhancements and a complete airport ambience including boarding sounds etc. He can choose from 15 different flight deck voice sets and can even add his own voice variations. In addition, he can choose cabin crew announcements in many different languages and dialects.

A virtual co-pilot catapults the reality feeling to new heights in flight simulation. Audio checklists with many interactive items underline the professional approach in flying an aircraft. Numerous flight deck calls are based on the aircraft type, weight and speed. The user can hear the captain making flap and gear calls at the correct time to which the virtual co-pilot will respond to and will operate gear and flaps.

Custom aircraft files for all Microsoft default and numerous add-on aircraft are included and a checklist and performance editor will let the user add any aircraft he likes. Numerous presets are ready for a quick and professional flight. Still, the program is fully configurable to fit the needs of each and every aircraft and pilot.


  • GPWS calls
  • Virtual Co-pilot
  • Cabin announcements
  • Aircraft Performance Data plus Editor
  • Aircraft Checklist Data plus Editor
  • Fully interaction with the MCP, FDC‘s Decision Height, V1, VR and V2
  • Flight log and Blackbox Log and many more features
  • Completely configurable
  • Includes a detailed manual



Conclusion by Avsim (FSX version):
"...What FDC does best is to provide an immersive audio environment for your cockpit. If you are used to flying all by yourself, it's something different and special to have a virtual Co-Pilot helping you handle the cockpit workload. FDC is simple enough for a novice to use, but can also provide challenge to more hard-core users as well. The real trick to FDC is in finding the most realistic settings possible for your flight profile. This can actually be quite a large task, as there are literally hundreds of interactive options to look at. New users might actually be put off by the sheer volume of choices that can be made; fortunately, FDC has a well-written on-line help file that can be accessed at any time to help the user make informed choices about their options. I found that once I got past the learning curve, I enjoyed being able to tinker with the checklists. .."

Conclusion by FlightSim:
"All my respect to Aerosoft for the functionality and the flexibility of this software. This product truly adds a level of realism to your FSX experience, and considering the fact it can be blended for any aircraft out there, its value is way beyond the price"

Conclusion by Avsim (FS2004 version):
"Having spent many years flying simulators there are only a few products that I can say I use all the time when I fly. A couple of examples I fly with nearly all the time are FsNav and FsMeteo. I can now say that there is a third. Flight Deck Companion is an add-on that will certainly be added to the list. The added ambiance and interactive element makes the simulation experience even more "As real as it gets." The program is very complex in what it achieves, and at first seems rather daunting. I would say that after a couple of hours reading and "tinkering" you will pretty much have it under your control, and a few more hours to have it mastered. You can keep it as simple or as complicated as you wish. Whether you're the type of simmer who flies as close to the real thing as possible, or just enjoy flying around and generally enjoying yourself, it caters for both. "

Conclusion by FSPlanet (FS2004 version):
"Considering the quality of the GUI with FDC and the massive amount of work carried into the project, it really is a fantastic addon. Despite its minor flaws, FDC is just what flight simmers have been craving for and is a leap forward in persuit of that continually elusive 'realism' factor. My hat's off to Dave and his team, this is a superb piece of work. If you have looked and still feel you are not craving for it, then you haven't looked hard enough."

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