Flight1 ATR 72-500 for FSX/FS2004

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Flight1 ATR 72-500 for FSX/FS2004
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004

Thanks to the hard work of the bright minds at Flight One Software, we are able to present you with a rich, realistic and in-depth program that will allow you to find out what it’s like to fly a brand-new commercial aircraft recently constructed by ATR.

The ATR 72-500 is the next step in the development of nimble, cost-efficient commercial planes that are currently replacing the hulking, fuel-guzzling carriers of the past. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, it has all the luxury of any recently released jet from Boeing or Airbus, as well as being environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient to a degree unmatched by other plane of similar size.

The ATR-72-500 is a nimble, thoughtfully designed turbo-prop alternative to the aircraft of the past and is simply perfect for mid-length-flights; due to these characteristics it is rapidly taking the role traditionally held by older jets as the preferred model for regional travel. You can bet that with every trip through your local airport, you’ll see an increasing number of ATR 72-500’s on the runway or waiting for takeoff.

Our inclusion of the ATR 72-500 into our already expansive collection of flight-simulation programs will give you a taste of what it would be like to pilot one of these streamlined beauties- from the comfort and safety of your living room.

The software features graphics of a clarity, high resolution and visually realistic nature that will have you convinced you’re drifting through the clouds at the head of an ATR 72 soon after you take off from the tarmac. With a wide variety of options for simulation (including the décor of the plane’s interior) you’ll be able to personalize your flight experience, while at the same time Flight One has worked hard to make sure that every operational detail of the plane is accurately reproduced in the simulation.

This software allows you to pilot your plane through rough skies, work with a vividly realistic in-flight control interface, kick back in the ATR 72-500’s spacious interior cabin, or just relax and fly uninterrupted to your intended destination.

Manufacturers Description

After over 15,000 man hours of work, research, and planning, Flight One Software is excited to present the ATR 72-500.

Developed with the cooperation of Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) in Toulouse, France, this has been one of Flight One Software's most exhausting development efforts. The work pays off with one of the most detailed add-ons ever produced for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

Exclusively designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 (A Century of Flight), computer pilots can experience first hand what it is like to fly the real ATR 72-500.

Select to fly from the Captain's or First Officer's panel in either of the standard brown or newly available blue/grey cockpit configuration. Experience the fully functional and highly detailed virtual cockpit with many never before features, such as truly working windshield wipers that remove the rain from the windows. Take a stroll through the virtual cabin, checking out the detailed 3D interior including 2 different seating configurations, available in 4 different color schemes. Explore the 3D exterior model and listen to the real cockpit and engine sounds recorded from the real ATR in a runup in Toulouse.

Flight1 has set up a special web site dedicated to the ATR. Here you will be able to get the latest information and news on the product, see many additional screenshots not shown here, retrieve accessory downloads, get technical support, and discuss the ATR with other virtual ATR pilots.

This product is only compatible with FS2004 and FSX, so of course, these simulators are required. For your computer, we recommend you have a 1.6 GHz machine with a 128 Mb memory video card for FS2004, and a 3 GHz machine with a 256 Mb memory video card for FSX. System memory should be a minimum of 512 for FS2004 and 1 Gigabyte for FSX. Low-end on-board sound chips are NOT recommended. A plugin sound card, such as a Soundblaster Audigy, is recommended. In some cases, sounds will not work correctly unless you have an adequate sound card.

Windows XP and Vista are the official operating system that is supported for use with the ATR. It may work with other Microsoft operating systems, however this is not supported by Flight One.

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