In-Cockpit DVD Videos

Individuals interested in experiencing flight through the eyes of an airliner pilot will find our In-Cockpit DVD Videos to be quite exceptional. Viewers will be able to get an insiders view of what really goes on in the cockpit.

All of our in-cockpit DVD videos are filmed from the vantage point of the pilot so that viewers can see exactly what the pilot does. This sort of voyeurism is quite fascinating.

We work hard at Sim Shack to offer excellent quality and moderately priced DVDs. Our goal is to offer products that people love and can afford. Shoppers will find that they are able to choose from a selection of high quality in-cockpit DVD videos.

Our videos feature a variety of planes. They feature flights in the Airbus A320, Bae 146-200, Boeing 737-300 and the Boeing 747- 400, amongst others. Individuals can purchase the Airbus A320 Simulator (SAS Flight Academy), Airbus A330-200, Bae 146-200 (Debonair Airways), Boeing 737-300 (Go Airlines) and the Boeing 747-400 (Cathay Pacific), in-cockpit videos. Each of these is professionally produced, provide outstanding footage and are manufactured by ITVV.

In-Cockpit DVD Videos
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 Manufacturer   Product Name+   Price 
 ITVV   Airbus A320 Simulator (SAS Flight Academy) DVD Video Airbus A320 Simulator (SAS Flight Academy) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Airbus A330-200 (Airtours) DVD Video Airbus A330-200 (Airtours) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Bae 146-200 (Debonair Airways) DVD Video Bae 146-200 (Debonair Airways) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 737-300 (Go Airlines) DVD Video Boeing 737-300 (Go Airlines) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 747-400 (Cathay Pacific) DVD Video Boeing 747-400 (Cathay Pacific) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 747-400 (Virgin Atlantic) DVD Video Boeing 747-400 (Virgin Atlantic) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 757-200 (Airtours) DVD Video Boeing 757-200 (Airtours) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 767-300ER (Leisure International) DVD Video Boeing 767-300ER (Leisure International) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing 777-200 (Cathay Pacific) DVD Video Boeing 777-200 (Cathay Pacific) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Boeing MD11 (Martinair) DVD Video Boeing MD11 (Martinair) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   Concorde (British Airways) DVD Video Concorde (British Airways) DVD Video   $48.49 
 Just Planes   Corsairfly Boeing 747-400 DVD Video Corsairfly Boeing 747-400 DVD Video   $35.49 
 ITVV   Fokker 100 (British Midland) DVD Video Fokker 100 (British Midland) DVD Video   $32.32 
 ITVV   ITVV Airbus A320-200 Flight Deck Experience ITVV Airbus A320-200 Flight Deck Experience   $16.15 
Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products) Result Pages:  1