Joysticks and Flight Yokes

Individuals looking for joysticks and flight yokes to use in conjunction with simulation software will find them here. We sell a number of high quality joysticks, flight yokes and pedals, each manufactured by CH Products. CH Products is a well known and highly respected manufacturer of flight simulation products.

The combat stick USB is perfect for those interesting in simulating flight in a fighter jet. The same is true for the FighterStick USB. The Fight Sim Yoke USB is a cool option for simmies, as is the Flightstick Pro USB. We offer a number of joysticks and fight yokes in addition to the aforementioned that individuals should be sure to check out.

Individuals might also be interested in simulator pedals, such as the Pro Pedals USB, which can be purchased here. Some people believe that pedals offer individuals a greater amount of control and provide a more realistic experience than joysticks do. One option is to purchase both pedals and joysticks. This gives an individual the ability to choose which they would like to use. Some simulators will be more responsive to a joystick rather than pedals and vice versa

We suggest that you visit this section of our site periodically. We will be adding joint sticks and flight yokes on a regular basis.

Joysticks and Flight Yokes
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 Manufacturer   Product Name+   Price 
 CH Products   CH Products Combat Stick USB Joystick CH Products Combat Stick USB Joystick   $145.51 
 CH Products   CH Products FighterStick USB CH Products FighterStick USB   $202.12 
 CH Products   CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB   $194.04 
 CH Products   CH Products FlightStick Pro USB CH Products FlightStick Pro USB   $137.44 
 CH Products   CH Products Pro Pedals USB CH Products Pro Pedals USB   $193.96 
 CH Products   CH Products Pro Throttle USB CH Products Pro Throttle USB   $194.04 
 CH Products   CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB   $250.63 
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1